New Years Resolutions

According to the internet, the top two new years resolutions are lose weight and get organized. However, as we all know, New Years Resolutions are rarely kept because they tend to be vague and are not accompanied by a plan to obtain the goal.

For example, getting organized can mean many different things to many people. Does getting organized mean paying your bills on time, creating a filing system at work, making sure the checkbook is balanced, or something else? The answer to that question will depend on what you have to organize.

That being said, one way to get organized is to create an estate plan. Creating an estate plan will force you to organize your assets and accounts. Creating an estate plan will force you to plan for how you would like your business affairs handled in the event that you cannot handle them yourself. Creating a proper estate plan will force you to think about how you would like to be remembered by people when you are gone.

Going through the process will force you to be more organized, at least for the time you are creating the plan. Furthermore, creating an estate plan will require you to make more concrete decisions about how you want to handle your business, which is integral to being organized. At a minimum, creating an estate plan is a fairly straightforward process, and will give you your plan for "getting organized."

Therefore, if your New Years Resolution is to get more organized, please accept my humble suggestion that you create a plan for getting organized. If you are having trouble coming up with personal plan for what "getting more organized" means to you consider creating an estate plan. If not as a goal itself, at least as a process for obtaining your goal of getting more organized.

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